If you’re looking for palliative care for your loved one or for yourself, focussing on the best possible quality of life is absolutely vital. That’s why our provision of palliative care in Maidstone aims to keep our clients living fulfilling, safe and dignified lives in their own homes, with as high a quality of life as possible and for as long as possible.

With Continuity of Care Services’ palliative care Maidstone residents will be getting a programme of care that’s tailored specifically to the needs of themselves or their loved ones, providing independence, dignity and emotional support as well as whatever practical support is necessary to allow clients to continue living life to the full.

Why choose Continuity of Care Services?

Our care is available any time of the day or night too, so we’ll work with you to create a flexible schedule that won’t get in the way of you living your life. We know everybody’s own situation is unique, and that’s why with any clients who take up our palliative care in Maidstone, Ashford and the villages in between, we won’t force them into a rigid, inflexible pre-set template of care.

We are constantly monitoring and reviewing our care plans for our individual clients too, feeding back to loved ones and consulting with relevant professionals such as local medical services or social services whenever necessary to ensure we are always providing the best possible palliative care Maidstone residents deserve.

And while our staff of fully qualified carers will always treat every client with skill and professionalism, we also know that companionship is every bit as important as clinical care. That’s why our carers come to see their clients as friends rather than patients.

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So if you’re looking for palliative care and you decide to go with us, you can rest assured that the service we will deliver will be bespoke, flexible, professional, and compassionate.