Living with a disability can be profoundly challenging, but with the services we provide, your needs for disability care in Maidstone, Ashford and the surrounding villages will be met with compassion, professionalism, and efficiency. We’ll help provide the level of disability care Maidstone residents need to stay living independently, safely and with dignity.

Continuity of Care Services recognises that many people who have a disability know much better than anyone else what their capabilities are. Often, they have adapted their life, home, and environment to make life easier in the world we live in. We are aware that listening to the particular needs and by providing continuity of care, people will be able to have the support they need and it is completely tailored to them. We do still work with Occupational Therapists and other professional bodies where it is necessary and if the individual or their support network would like us to.
We’ll help provide the level of disability care Maidstone families need to stay living independently, safely and with dignity.

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We can help care for anyone with physical disabilities, from children four years old and upwards to adults of all ages. Our service provides a dignified alternative to hospital or residential care, allowing our clients to continue living in their own homes and taking an active part in their communities.

This also means that our clients’ support networks of family, friends and loved ones can rest easy in the knowledge that the flexible timetables of our care plans will enable our clients to keep appointments, go to work or make all the little trips that real life requires. We will work around you to deliver your care when you need it – any time of the day or night.

For disability care in Maidstone and the wider Kent areas, we assess everybody’s needs personally and individually: we won’t force anyone into a pre-set plan. That’s why before we take on any care provision, we’ll work with everyone involved to arrange a care plan that’s right for the individual. Care Plans are written up for every client, so you can rest assured that your needs for disability care Maidstone and surrounding areas are comprehensively covered.

Of course, we know that everybody’s circumstances can change. That’s why we consistently review our care plans to ensure that your disability care needs are right for you.

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At Continuity of Care Services, all our carers are professionally qualified and, just as importantly, recognise that disability care is as much about providing friendly companionship as it is about providing vital healthcare services.