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Caring for people in their own home

At Continuity Care Services we offer support to individuals in their own homes, with a private team of carers to ensure continuity. We promote independence and offer a high-quality service that ensures individuals are in control of their own care needs.
We treat people with respect. We treat our service users as individuals not numbers. They are our customers and meeting their needs is our main concern.

We treat people with respect and consistently ensure our staff provide excellent customer service and have a customer-centred attitude.

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Meet the Staff

Continuity of Care only uses highly qualified staff who have good people skills and a positive attitude towards their work.

All staff references are checked and investigated thoroughly to ensure that they are the sort of people you will feel safe with.

Staff take pride in treating customers with respect. They arrive punctually at their clients’ homes and put their clients’ needs before their own schedules. This means being a little bit more flexible.

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and in the event of an outbreak; Continuity of Care Services work in partnership with other regulated and governing bodies in relation to prioritising our service users’ families care.

An outbreak is deemed to be 3 or more that have tested POSITIVE for COVID-19

Our COVID-19 policies

An Individual & Flexible Approach

Our approach is based around the idea of working with our clients. We provide the level of care which you think you need rather than according to some pre-set plan.

Often the care needs are first identified by relatives, particularly in the case of older clients, and we always consult everybody concerned when putting together a care plan for your loved one. We also report back regularly on problems and successes to ensure that everyone who needs to know, including social services and medical professionals, is kept in the loop regarding a client’s welfare.

Experience has taught us that every client has a different set of care needs. We also know that care requirements can change over time. We aim to approach every situation on an individual basis because we are aware that what works for one person will not be appropriate for another.

Above all we aim to treat all clients with the dignity and respect which everyone deserves. We believe that you know your care needs or the needs of a loved one better than anyone and this is always our guide.

Continuity of Care Services

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About us

We aim to provide a service which allows our clients to live safely and securely in their own homes and to enhance their lifestyle to help them to be independent and comfortable.

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