Our families

During our initial assessment process and when agreeing for us to assist with support, we ask you to consent for us to share information with our governing bodies; and as such Kent County Council have our RAG system; RAG is Red – Amber – Green; this denotes how our service users’ family’s visits shall be categorised; red being high priority going down green being low priority.

Continuity Care Services have been proactive in accessing service users and their families RAG rating for the potential of a COVID-19 outbreak in line with the regulators and governing bodies.

The RAG system shall only be used if necessary and in the best interests of service users’ families – staff and the company in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Our Staff

Continuity Care Services implemented a “bubble system” to protect the health – safety & well-being of staff and service users’ families. Bubbles were formed in teams of 3-5 depending on the visit/s. The company has not experienced any shortage of PPE and staff have been allocated and fitted with an FFP3 mask. These will be implemented should a service user be suspected as covid positive or have a positive result.

Continuity Care Services continue to provide service users families with a safe – caring and effective level of care; however, shall follow the guidance from Kent County Council on how to ensure these requirements are met during these unprecedented times if there was to be a COVID-19 outbreak.

All staff take part in the weekly testing programme and have had access to the vaccination.